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16 May '17

Let a professional do it! Cherry picking business pros

The flock returns from their photo shoot in Chicago


Don't_be_afraid_they're_tough_ol'_birdsPerfect_so_far_10_down_ . . .40_to_go!


Last month I hired business coach, Lela Barker to help me sort priorities, and choose some solid action steps going forward. One target was my website: improve the look and function of it, beginning with product photography. I knew I wanted an uncluttered look, so Lela referred me to POW . The thought of having my products shot remotely challenged the control freak in me, but I hired them, anyway. Expensive? Yep.

First, I made an entire new collection of 50 state bird key racks. I tweaked them slightly to be as uniform as possible, even though they’re individually handcrafted. Then, I had them professionally packaged & shipped. Costly, but done right.

They arrived in Chicago safely, and the guys at POW kept me posted during each step of the process. All was done in a professional, and timely manner. Kudos to Paul, Jeff and their friendly, helpful staff. After approving the digital files, I got busy uploading each product image to my website, and waited for the flock to return home.

Today, this huge box greeted me at the door. I’m so happy I followed the advice of the person (Lela) I hired to give me advice! Paying for pros is expensive, but like my Dad used to say, “You gotta spend money to . . . ”

Anybody out there need a fabulous key rack?


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