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24 Oct '17

WHEN I GROW UP - Being in business as a baby boomer is challenging and hilarious!

Posted by Patti Clancy

Patti_age_four   When_I_Grow_Up

Hi, I’m Patti.

When I grow up I’m going to be a really good artist and a wicked awesome business-person.

I will have lots and lots of friends on something called Facebook that doesn’t exist yet.

And when all my friends come to visit me on Facebook, they can click a button and go to something called my website that doesn’t exist yet.

My website will turn into something called a virtual store, on something called the Internet that doesn’t exist yet.

Like magic, I will be able to pop onto Facebook or go to my store by using something called a laptop computer . . . that doesn’t exist yet.

I’m still working on becoming a wicked awesome business-person, but in the meantime, I hope you like the really good art I have put onto my very useful products for you.

Welcome to my online store - it sure took a lot of years to get here!

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