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MD/Baltimore Oriole

MD/Baltimore Oriole

$ 49.99

Maryland-Baltimore-Oriole I'm pretty sure I'm an heirloom - useful, beautiful, memorable!

This Maryland state bird key rack is loaded with quality!

  • artistic attention to all details - start to finish
  • 15 careful steps that turn fine art into a fine product
  • multi-day drying between coatings to ensure the highest durability

Standard features include:

Weight:  2 lbs

Material:  Poplar wood is used for stability  

Dimensions:  9.5"height  x 10.5"length  x  3/4"depth

Hardware included:  4 custom aged solid brass hooks   

Hanging:  Routed slots make this product easy to hang, and ready to use

Your delight guaranteed:  That's a promise!