Fine Art and Function



I took a long break from this kind of work while getting some new parts (a hip replacement and two knee replacements). Now that I am 3/4 bionic, and because you've been asking, I am accepting limited commissions for professional mural work again! My niche is creating custom (interior) murals for both residential and commercial clients.


Landscapes and underwater scenes are some of my favorites and I've had the good fortune of painting murals for many discerning clients for well over 20 years. They can certainly verify that nothing delivers the WOW factor like a well done mural.



There is something about working on a larger scale (but not too large) that allows me to put my innermost talent and intuition to work. 



 What excites me the most is what I call 'working the edge.'  That means expressing the relationships between the foreground and background. It's creating subtle vibrations with paint where atmospheric, negative space meets solid objects. When done right, a kind of magic happens that gives life to the painting. 

Currently, I am staying local in CT, (until Covid restrictions ease), but feel free to contact me if you're considering this kind of art for your home or business. I AM FULLY VACCINATED!!!

Underwater_tropical_ mural_ 6'x6'