Putting Fine Art To Good Use

30 Jan '18


Posted by Patti Clancy in Pomodoro Technique

You’ll be amazed how such a simple technique can keep you focused!

In a nutshell, it’s like using an egg timer on your smartphone - set for 25 minutes - with a ring tone (of your choice) at the end. Here are a few reasons why this simple tool is so valuable to me:

1. It helps me figure out my labor costs. The key racks I make go through 15 steps to make and I need to know how long each step takes. I use that information to create a production chart, which tells me how long it takes to do make each unit. That helps me figure out how to price fairly and still make a profit.



2. I have that annoying trait called ADD, which makes me want do 17 things at once even though I know it’s more efficient to do one thing at a time, and do it well. Using Pomo (as I call it) forces me to give the task at hand my full attention. When I hear the musical timer go off, I know immediately if I’ve stayed on task or gone ‘a - wandering.’

3. Working in 25-minute segments is perfect for me. When that timer goes off, it’s like getting a mini reward for staying completely focused on my work for 25 minutes. I get to grab bite, check Facebook, or go pee.

4. Lastly, it’s easy to get engrossed in my work when I know it’s based on such a doable chunk of time. When the pleasant music starts playing, it surprises me every time, and makes me want to dance . . . and so I do!



Here’s a link for more info on the Pomodoro Technique https://goo.gl/5ncnpi