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01 Mar '18

Ed Higgins - A shout out

Posted by Patti Clancy

You should always be nice to your high school classmates because they might turn out to be some of your best customers 40 years later!


This shout out goes to ED HIGGINS. Even though I only saw Ed a few times since graduation, he was my very first online customer when my website went live two years ago. Since then, Ed has been a big supporter of my business page on Facebook and as a customer. He was thoughtful enough to send me a nice email after the holidays.

Here’s an excerpt: Your items were a real ‘hit’ as presents for some family members and friends, and I appreciate you accommodating my on-site Christmas shopping.

Your growing business is impressive-and it was also fun seeing your backyard outbuilding - which I now understand is the source of some artistic inspiration (which is equally impressive!)

Ed’s career path led to him become a lawyer, but anyone that follows him on Facebook knows what an “Artiste” he has become in his own right! He built his own wood-fire-oven from scratch, and keeps his followers fascinated with the mouth-watering pizza’s he cooks in there (also made from scratch, and homegrown ingredients)


ps You should always be nice to your classmates. Sure, we all know that

what goes around comes around, but you just never know who might invite you over for handcrafted pizza someday!

Cheers to you, Ed - for your kind words, and your own amazing creativity!


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