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15 Feb '18

The Yellow Notebook

Posted by Patti Clancy

When my kids were little, the best time-saving tactic I ever came up with was to plan my menus by the monthWe didn’t have Google to search for tips and ideas, and there wasn’t an app for that kind of thing, so of course I ‘wuz gonna’ write a witty how-to booklet about it and become rich and famous. That never happened, but this worn out book with hundreds of pages of monthly menus served me well by eliminating that age old question: "What should I make for dinner tonight?"



We had three kids at that time and here’s an example of what our family ate during the week ( I don’t do weekends OR windows). If you look all the way on the right, you can see what it cost to feed a family of five in 1988!



I found a few other clues in this notebook that told me I had been using it for 45 years!

The clipped comic strip, and newspaper photo of a kid at a fair that I had taped inside when I was in art school in May of 1973. I thought the comic was hysterical and that the little boy was the cutest thing ever! I still think the funny is very funny, and I bet the little boy is a very cute younger man of 50-something.



The notebook held one more surprise. I had cut out an article in April of ’86 because it had info on how to publish your own 'wuz gonna' book, and when I flipped it over, I saw references to several people I knew in the lead article - including the president of my senior class, Mark Powers.



Cheers to the bits of my history in the little yellow note book.




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